Get your dream press coverage NOW or you don't pay anything

20+ years of driving millions of customers through earned media

What would getting your dream press coverage mean for your company?

Every company has that one press outlet that they’d love to be covered by.What would that coverage do for your brand and sales? The sad reality is that most companies never get their dream press coverage.

  • They try to be covered everywhere right away

  • They pitch one story to a bunch of outlets

  • The pitches aren’t highly targeted and personalized

  • The stories are too self-promotional

  • The stories aren’t newsworthy

  • The stories aren’t focused on the audience

  • The stories have bad timing

  • Ultimately, the stories just aren’t good

What’s the result?

At best, you get mediocre results in lousy outlets. At worst, you get nothing at all.This is even more painful if you’re stuck in a long contract paying a huge monthly retainer to a PR agency that calls this success.It’s time to move on from this approach that doesn’t work.That’s why I developed a PR service called Press Play that balances the dream press coverage you want with what journalists actually want.I’m here to help you get covered by one of your dream press outlets within 2 months or you don’t pay anything.No, that’s not a typo. I’m serious. I’m also not talking about advertorials, sponsored posts, press release syndication, or other pay-for-play opportunities.I’m talking about good, old-fashioned earned media. The kind of press coverage in which there are no guarantees that you’ll get it. But by focusing exclusively on one outlet for 2 months, the chances of success are greatly increased.For over 20 years, I’ve worked with VCs, brand new startups, companies with hundreds of millions of customers, and everything in between to drive millions of customers through top-tier earned media.I’ve also been a journalist and contributor to leading press outlets throughout my entire career.

So you’re probably wondering... why would he do this?

Is he crazy?Why would he offer press coverage in a top-tier outlet without knowing if he’ll get it and be paid? It’s simple: I love earned media and I love helping companies get their dream press coverage.I also love the challenge. Throughout my entire career, I’ve seen how the top-tier press coverage I’ve earned has massively accelerated the success of companies, and I want to do the same thing for your company.I already have a job I love leading the global PR team for Storyblok, so I don’t need to do this. Since I’m investing my time with no guarantee of success, I expect you to do the same.

Here’s how it works


We’ll discuss your one dream press outlet


If I think there’s potential, we’ll work together


We’ll brainstorm multiple story angles


We’ll try to secure coverage within 2 months


There's no money upfront - you only pay if we succeed


You win either way - either we get the press coverage together, or we don’t get it and you get two months of free PR consulting that will benefit you for years to come and help you get your dream press coverage

Who is this for?

  • VC-backed companies in any industry who understand the value of top-tier press coverage

  • Companies that are willing to stop being self-promotional

  • Companies that are willing to use non-confidential company data

  • Companies that are willing to get a mention, not necessarily a feature story

  • Companies that are responsive and committed to making the press coverage happen

If that doesn’t sound like you, then it’s not even worth contacting me. Don’t waste your time.But if it does sound like you, let’s talk.

Let’s get you the press coverage you’ve always wanted

I only have availability to do this for one company at a time, so you better reach out now if you’re interested.If I think I can help, we’ll schedule a time to talk.If I’m booked, I’ll add you to my wait list and let you know when I’m available.So fill out the form and tell me about your company and your one dream press outlet.

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